ways of seeing?

Right now, I’m in my second year of graduate school. I’ve been attending the University of Baltimore, which has helped my writing tremendously. UB’s MFA Creative Writing & Publishing Arts program helps you tap into your creative side. For example, there is class called, “Creativity: Ways of Seeing.” At the beginning of every course, we had to read Wallace Stevens’ poem,  “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” and for every reading we had to read it differently. One time, we read it in a made-up language, which I guess defeats the purpose of “reading” the poem, but it was fun and a bit embarrassing. I’ll admit, when I first took that class, I was like, “What the fudge?” For me, writing was about creating and all this observing crap was just some artsy stuff that I wasn’t into, but slowly but surely I found myself being transformed into an artist. After the semester, I approached writing completely differently. I wrote my first drafts by hand; whereas before, I would type directly into the computer, which for me limited my creativity. I begin to keep a writing journal, so whenever a thought or a couple of lines from a story would enter my mind, I would write it down. In hindsight, “Creativity: Ways of Seeing” was I course that I needed to become an artist. By the way, what are your 13 ways of seeing?

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