writing it down

I have been journaling ever since I was in 7th grade. My father gave me a green leather journal for my birthday. At first, my entries were very censored and guarded. No lie, my entries would only be a couple of lines about what happened during the day. I was afraid to really write down how I felt because that meant I had to be honest, and who wants to see your bare soul written down on paper? But by my second journal, I started to get real. Instead of a couple of sentences, my entries begin to be half pages. I wrote about who was getting on my nerves, what I wanted, my thoughts and feelings. Now, I’m 25 and I can’t imagine not journaling. Writing down your feelings forces you to confront your issues. It’s also very liberating. Sometimes it can be funny to read journals from your past; it’s funny to read about what you thought was so important was not that important for you to remember five years later. I encourage everyone to journal because it will make you understand yourself better. You are tracking your evolution. Trust me. It will alter your life.


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2 responses to “writing it down

  1. Derrick

    Hi Ms. Banks,

    I’m sure that one day your books will be on the New York Times Bestseller list. This entry was very inspiring & insightful. Thanks for posting.

  2. I used to journal from about age 12 to age 18. Then I stopped because I couldn’t bare the thought of someone else reading my inner thoughts.

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