got Twitter and WordPress?

I am starting a new creative project for my electronic publishing course. For our final project, we have to create a creative piece of work that involves one of the following: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, podcasting, online literary journal  and or an E-book.  For my project, I have decided to use Twitter and WordPress. For those of you who have read my short story, “Elvis,” I am creating a compilation of fictional diary entries written by the protagonist, Mr. Jones. The idea originated from the Twitter account, Genny Spencer. For this Twitter account, the great-nephew tweets lines from his great aunt’s diary. For my project, I also tweet lines from Mr. Jones’ diary entries.  However, after showing my classmate, Christine, my website, Diary of a Black Prophet,  she made an awesome suggestion; she suggested  that I have a character that interacts and responds to Mr. Jones’ entries. So, I think I will incorporate my friend’s suggestions to make  my project more complex and interesting.

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  1. i like this. you’re probably aware of the Griffin and Sabine Trilogy (Nick Bantock) – or may be there are more books and it’s a series now. they are short books – full of imagery and brief writing. it uses a similar concept of one person (in this case sending a postcards/letters) writing to another and the response. through this correspondence a story unfolds. a rather unusual story altho it’s simply a lot of fun not to mention fascinating to watch what happens. what you’re doing may be way beyond this. they are a fun read tho.

    a few years ago too, in the Smithsonian they’d print excerpts from the diaries kept on the Lewis & Clark expedition(s). it was interesting to me. i like things like that. in those writings there is a sense of that world that we cant get at in our time as well as simply reading the way they wrote. what was also cool was the Smithsonian articles would print from several different diaries written on the same journey. so that a picture emerged from different points of view. cool again.

    cool on your project.

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