visual art and the written word

Writers can be influenced and inspired by various modes of art. For me, I have an affinity for visual art whether it is photography, painting, or sculpturing. Yesterday, I visited New York’s National Museum of the American Indian. The museum is located inside the historic Alexander  Hamilton U.S. Custom House. The outside statues were monumental and gorgeous. Anyway, there was a cool exhibition entitled, “Hide: Skin as Material and Metaphor.” In the exhibition, there were two artists presented: Sonya Kelliher-Combs and Nadia Myre. Both artists’ works were amazing and thought-provoking. I especially thought that Myre’s  “The Scar Project” was honest and life-affirming. I liked how she extended the concept of scars and visually represented them on canvases. In the book, The Scar Project (2010), she places the images with written text and entries (you can purchase the book at for $189.95). For me, art is about self-expression and communication. Art has served its purpose when it makes the audience feel and question. Here’s the lesson that I learned from Myre: If there is a theme or concept you are interested in, explore it. Think of  creative ways you can expand and push the boundaries. Do not limit yourself. 

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  1. aloha Mary
    …just as visual artists can be influenced and inspired by writers and the wide variety of other arts as well… including the works of indigenous people around the planet… somehow i find that we are not very different than the human beings who populated this planet many of the 10,000s of years before us. we just tend to be cave dwellers who live in a technological age with the capability to construct our own skyscraper caves.

    gotta like words as image and in image. …and of course exploring, expanding and pushing boundaries where ever the edges are… …aloha – Wrick

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